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Healing from kneeling: Spend some time helping out in our garden. . .

by Matt Selic

(Email Matt about volunteering in the garden at mselic@mail.com)

As the days grow longer and the sun graces us with her warmth, and as gentle rains fall from the sky and beautiful green things everywhere begin to poke their heads out of the soft earth, gardening season is upon us once again!

Here at Carp Ridge we’re excited to be blessed with another wonderful opportunity to dance with Mother Earth and prepare the ground for growing.  Enjoyable times lay ahead for all of us who enjoy digging around in the earth and planting food for our tables. . . the days are ripe with possibilities!

This year, in a lovely corner of eastern Ontario, we’re busy laying out beds in preparation of planting seeds and transplanting from pots all the various veggies and herbs that are currently growing indoors.  Straw is being used in abundance as a mulch, covering the beds to help supress weeds and to maintain the beds for future years.

A few simple trellis systems are in the works including a beautiful central one which will be used as a meeting place for staff, clients, children and visitors who would like to spend some time in the nurturing space of the garden.  We’re very excited to watch our garden take shape and yield the beautiful fruits of our collective love and labour!

Gardens and gardening can be a very healing experience.  Having a tangible connection with the earth and deepening that relationship can be a very beneficial and important aspect of people’s lives.  There will be many opportunities for people to come and share their time and experience in the garden in the coming months.

I encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to contact me (mselic@mail.com). Join in the magic that is organic gardening!  Keep an eye out for us in the newsletter as I update you on all the wonderful happenings as our garden unfolds and blossoms.  Hope to see you soon!