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Hope Day, a gathering for healing from grief or loss during the holidays

by Jack Lau, OMI, Director of Spiritual Services
Galilee Centre, Arnprior, Ontario

The cycles of the seasons are calling us to again let go of what is passing. But this change moves us from the brilliance of autumn to the stillness, and sometimes the bleakness, of winter.

And that might be okay if what we were called to do was simply to sit and be still. Now that would be natural! Yet that is not the case, for the holiday season has arrived — Advent, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.

Often it just tires me out thinking about it all.  The holidays calls us to do, to eat, to drink and be here or be there, to join with family or friends. But this can all be contrary to the quiet wisdom of winter. And this period can be very difficult if you’ve experienced the death of a loved one, endured a serious illness, or had a life changing disappointment over the last year.

But there is always hope in the midst of life’s changes.

We invite you to Hope Day. The gathering will be a time to reflect upon our story, become mindful of the challenges that may be before us, and learn some techniques for healthier living.

You can also experience the ritual of the labyrinth — a transformative path into grief and loss.  A labyrinth is an ancient symbol, an archetype for the course of life’s journey. Its shape, the circle or spiral, signifies the meandering but purposeful path of living. The path of the labyrinth eventually leads to wholeness.

We will have a small labyrinth inside in one of our conference room, and if there is no snow people may also walk the outdoor “Chartres Labyrinth” which is similar to one in the famous 12th century Gothic cathedral not far from Paris.

Please join us Saturday, December 12th for a day of prayer and reflection. Download this pdf for more. A luncheon and tea break will be provided for participants and guests. Click here to visit Galilee Centre on the web.