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How do you let change flow naturally into a stressful life?

by Chelsey Corrigan, ND

As the forest changes colours, leaves drop, temperatures decline and birds migrate overhead we are reminded that change is constant, constantly. Transitions in our personal lives can be challenging, as we often fear the unknown and become overwhelmed by choices.

Whether it is a change in career, health, home, family or relationships, change presents an opportunity to evaluate our life’s direction, engage in personal reflection and cultivate personal growth.

Personally, I am the most recent addition to the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic; a resident Naturopathic Doctor having just spent the last six months transitioning into my “new life”. The past months have been filled with challenges, change and exciting opportunities.

I just finished a rigorous eight years of post-secondary education; studied over one thousand hours in preparation for writing and successfully completing the North American wide naturopathic board and licensing examinations; moved across the province; began my professional career; and welcomed new friends and neighbors -– all while continuing to nourish the bond with my beautiful five month old puppy, Manuka. Looking back the rollercoaster of emotions, hardships and successes has been a tremendously rewarding ride that at times seemed to last a lifetime.

My transitional process has taught me about my inner strengths, my weaknesses and the importance of self-care. The demands of today’s society can make life busy, stressful and overwhelming at times and we often forget to prioritize our personal health, needs and desires.

Taking the time to develop a better sense of self reminds us how important we truly are and how we must nurture ourselves to reach our full potential. A healthy body, mind and soul make us feel vibrant and vital. Taking care of ourselves even allows us the skills necessary to take better care of others.

I recommend finding time daily to help your body unwind and trigger the relaxation response to prevent chronic stress from negatively impacting your health now and in the future. Five to ten minutes per day may be all you need to re-energize and de-stress. Take a power nap, meditate, have a bath, get a massage, give yourself a pedicure, take a stroll, journal, even indulge.

Taking care of ourselves helps transitions to flow more naturally. Fear, uncertainty, doubt and anxiety may be companions on the path to change but self-care and self-awareness help us to avoid letting these negative emotions dictate our lives and motivate our decisions.

Thoroughly embracing change and celebrating all of life’s transitions while allowing ourselves the time and space to reflect and reconnect provides an invaluable journey in self-growth.

Growing together,
Chelsey Corrigan, ND

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