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‘Humanure’ dumping sickens Kinburn homeowner ~ everyone should really have a look at this

from Brenda Grey, counsellor, psychotherapist & friend of CREWC

(NOTE: the following is part of an article from www.yourottawaregion.com — you can read its entirety by clicking the ‘read more‘ link below. If you want to help, contact Brenda at 613-623-1888, or email: bgrey1@xplornet.com)

Brenda Grey has collected a petition with 70 signatures asking the City of Ottawa to stop dumping “humanure” on the field.  She says a farmer’s field near her house where the city dumped treated human waste has made her and her animals sick. She has since found out that this nightmare situation exists across Ontario and beyond.

Also known as sewer sludge, biosolids are treated human wastewater used as fertilizer to add nutrients to the soil. It’s like manure, only using human waste instead. (Read more about sewage problems in Canada here on our RESOURCES page)

The City of Ottawa and the province of Ontario state that land application of biosolids is safe and completely legal when applied according to regulations put in place by the province.

The last time the city dumped biosolids on the field, Grey said she ended up with a gastrointestinal virus and several of her animals contracted illnesses.  read more