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Monday to Friday 8-4pm and by appointment


Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Last-minute Christmas ideas!

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet (ha ha), and you’re at the Centre before the clinic closes for holidays (Fri, Dec 21), consider the following ideas for people on your list:

1. Book: Wilderness Rhythms, Playing Music to Enhance the Nature Experience by Chad Clifford (who runs our wilderness programs for homeschoolers).  A lovely experiential account of experimenting with music in nature…you’ll be right there, listening to the crunch of his footsteps as Chad wanders the woods and notices what happens in his awareness as he adds his magical flute…(let’s add cost here—Colette knows)

2.  Dragonfly Organics Teas for many purposes from calming to uplifting.  $11 each

3. DVD: Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids, an intriguing documentary about the newly discovered pyramids in Bosnia, even larger than the ones in Europe, with energies that grow stronger as one moves further up!  Producer is from Ottawa.  $25

4. DVD: The Living Matrix, an inspiring introduction to the quantum basics of healing.  So well done you will want to watch it several times.  $20

5. Game: Wildcraft!  Learn our local herbs and how to use them for healing.  Fun for the whole family.  $23

And if you’re at the new Alice’s Cafe (across from the entrance to the fairgrounds), there is a gorgeous gift shop next door  called The Hive, recently opened by Denise Burnham with all of her creative and aesthetic genius. . . be prepared to be entranced!