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Movement Awareness & Integration Workshops

from Anny Rose

flower-field-personThese workshops are designed to facilitate body awareness, transformation, and healing for yourself and/or your clients (ie, coaches or counsellors).

Rolfing can release fixations and compression in your body. . . opening new space.

These workshops can teach you how to own, maintain, and expand this space.

Learn to recognize postural patterns and movements that are causing you pain and compression.  Then learn to replace these dysfunctional habits with optimal patterns and sequences that allow you to lengthen and strengthen with your daily movement and to function easily and effortlessly.

You will learn new ways to perform everyday functions and activities like walking, standing, sitting, lying down (sleeping), and bending (gardening, dancing, yoga, etc.) that will not only lengthen your body (especially your spine), but will also protect, strengthen, and heal your bones, muscles, and connective tissue.

In order to create a new map of natural structural integrity, we will explore and incorporate  the following principles:

  • Core Awareness and Strength
  • Dynamic balance
  • Support and Grounding
  • Responsiveness and Fluidity
  • Harmony with Gravity
  • Integrity of Movement
  • Natural Alignment

First Module:  Saturday, March 23, 10 am – 5 pm,  Cost: $100

Second Module: Saturday, March 30, 10am – 5 pm,   Cost: $100

(**You need to attend both workshops to receive all the material)

For more information or to register, call Ann at 613-795-4836

Or email her at annyrose@embodyment.org