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ND Residency = Reduced Rates

By Laura Stark ND

Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting Katherine Willow will have a sense of the vast wisdom she holds from her three decades of experience helping people in their healing process. Even in my first three months working here at the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic and living as a member of the Healing House, I’ve gained awe-inspiring and humbling insights into the deep core of true healing.
(Image by alicepopkorn)

Knowledge of this level of healing is unfortunately not something that is studied in naturopathic medical school. It is something that can be understood intellectually, but to learn the art of deep healing work, one needs to experience it first hand.

So, to work on satisfying my craving for my own healing wisdom and to build on Katherine’s dream of creating a teaching clinic, the work is well underway to create an accredited naturopathic residency program that will be accepting its first official resident in September 2012. With the task of formalizing this program, I get the esteemed role of being the first unofficial resident!

Once all the behind the scenes processes are in place, we will have a residency program accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) through the sponsorship of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. This may sound a little technical and boring, but the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Residency Program will actually be a leader in advancing ND education in Canada as the first accredited residency program outside of CCNM.

Although residency is not a mandatory part of ND training, it provides new graduates with the invaluable opportunity to allow their fresh-out-of school skills to flourish with the mentorship of an experienced ND – in this case, our very own Dr. Willow. Unfortunately for Canadian students, there are currently only 3 resident positions available to be filled each year. We will increase that number to 4 next year and pass on our model so that other naturopathic clinics may launch more easily into offering residency positions too!

Now, on to the even more exciting news for my current patients and those people thinking about becoming a patient, the first change in the clinic that a patient will notice is the price for a visit with a naturopathic resident. Effective as of Monday November 14th, prices to see me, Laura Stark ND, will change as follows:

ND Resident First Visit – 1 ½ hours – $150 (same price for 30 minutes more)

ND Resident Follow-up – 1 hour – $120 (discounted $30)

ND Resident Follow-up – ½ hour – $65 (discounted $15)

The fees to see Katherine Willow ND, Kealy Mann ND, and Martha Ahmadi ND will remain unchanged. We hope to make quality naturopathic care a little more accessible while providing the naturopathic resident with plenty of patients to use their fresh excitement, passion, and skills to help get well.