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Ongoing lives & a passing: Healing House stories

Sadie’s struggling journey (continued from a previous post)

We are learning much together about the ferocious need for old traumas to surface and be resolved in our lives.

Instead of getting easier, the process is becoming more intense, with heart palpitations, shaking and panic accompanied by a desperate need to be consoled by someone else.  Talking doesn’t help much.  Breathing does.

We need to regroup for this next level of healing: more help, more meditation, more attention and support.  As we figure out ways to navigate this very natural process, which is usually suppressed in our culture, we add a profound dimension of possibility for the ‘healing house model’.

We continue to honour Sadie for her courage and intelligence and thank her for the great teaching.  Only by facing the same childhood needs in ourselves can we truly be with her.  It is really a precious opportunity.

Here is something from Mother Teresa of Calcutta that Sadie sent me not long ago: “. . .the greatest suffering is being lonely, feeling unloved, having no one. I have come more and more to realize that it is being unwanted that is the worst disease that any human being can ever experience.”

And along with that was the following meditation/prayer. They can be powerful words, no matter what your belief system may be:

Holy & Great Spirit,
I feel your presence with and in me,
and I know that you are in each person, each being.
Teach me how to feel your presence with my heart.
Open my heart and mind so that I connect at the level of spirit.

Help me not turn away from the eyes of those who are lonely.
Help me notice and respond to those who feel unloved.
Help me live the oneness I so easily proclaim through my words.
There are no throwaways in your domain,

Princes and bums, doctors and the homeless,
Intellectuals and inmates, clergy and elderly,
every living thing is equally your child,
we are one great family, with one awesome creator.

All here on this planet are my sisters or brothers.
Reveal yourself to me in each face and heart so that I weep in  joy & sorrow.
I intend to share your unconditional love without judgment.
Thank you.

Mariah’s Passing (continued from a previous post)

On Nov 5, at around 2am, Mariah passed away in the presence of her family from what sounds like a myocardial infarction, a heart attack.

It was a shock.  I had just spoken to someone the evening before about how much I had come to love Mariaha when she was here.  She was an exceptionally feisty, intelligent and unique woman.

She will be missed.

May your transitions on the other side be smooth, dear Lady. . . with lots of opportunity for your light to shine brightly!

~ katherine