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Our lymphatic system: help it do its work with lymphatic drainage massage

by Amber Young, RMT

As the weather gets colder we often slow down — this in itself is a positive result of our primal intuitive urge to hibernate in the winter.

A time to spend more moments in stillness as we recharge and reflect. With this tendency towards less activity and “hibernation mode”, checking in with our bodies, we often become aware of fatigue and congestion which is a natural result of accumulated stress, slowing down and moving less.

An important system to consider in this process, especially as we find ourselves surrounded by people in the midst of ‘cold and flu’ season, is our lymphatic system. Our lymph system is our body’s in-house cleaner. It helps filter and remove dead cells, bacteria, pathogens and toxins from our blood and the spaces between our cells, helping to keep us in optimal health and assisting us to build up our immune systems, giving us more energy and stronger bodies.

As our lymphatic system supports us, we in turn need to help support this incredibly important part of our bodies, so it doesn’t become overwhelmed or blocked throughout its network of vessels and nodes. The circulation and efficiency of our lymph system is dependent on exercise, deep breathing, manual drainage and freedom from constrictive clothing to encourage optimal drainage through the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage massage, a form of manual drainage, is a very slow, deliberate and rhythmic sequence of massage techniques which works with your body’s inherent rhythm to minimize existing congestion, relax your body and your mind, release and assist in the removal of toxins, and stimulate your immune system. Lymphatic massage helps to maintain a more dynamic state internally while we slow down externally, helping to eliminate “old stuff”, so our bodies can welcome in greater renewed health. Good lymphatic circulation is an essential component to good health, less overall stress, increased energy and a more balanced body and mind.

Stop by the clinic and speak to one of our registered massage therapists (or find a therapist near you who practices lymphatic massage) to learn more about lymphatic drainage, and other self care techniques you can do at home, to help support your lymphatic system on your journey to a healthier you!

Amber Young has been in practice as an RMT since 2004. She is passionate about her work, focusing on breast health, lymphatic drainage, and working with cancer survivors. Amber also has a special interest in the mental-emotional link to the body. Amber joined Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic in March 2011, and is available for treatments Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays. She is committed to working with you on your path to wellness.

Clinic tel: 613-839-1198, or book online at www.ecowellness.com