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Profound healing with JourneyWork

by Debra Weedmark, Orthotherapist & Accredited JourneyWork Practitioner

You can book your JourneyWork session with Debra Weedmark by contacting her at Magic Hands Holistic Center, 613-222-8964, or by email, debsmhhc@hotmail.com.

Healing is the road towards a bigger view of ourselves and of our life. This path includes changing some patterns of living that are not serving us well, and finding new ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving, believing and behaving.

Change can be frightening even when it is positive, especially if we are tired, worn out by situations that we find frustrating, painful and unfulfilling.

Facing up to how we have been living our lives can be hard. We have often denied, given up or felt that what we wanted most was never going to happen.

JourneyWork provides a way to confront and transform our inner and outer demons, beliefs and blocks that are holding us back and causing our physical and emotional pain.

Deep within each of us is a boundless joy, an infinite love, endless creativity, true genius, a vast potential waiting to be discovered. The Journey process allows you to harness your body’s unlimited potential to guide you directly to stored cellular memories.

Once these memories are uncovered the Journey Practitioner will assist you through steps to completely clear the stored emotions, memories or strategies allowing the body to heal at the deep cellular level.

With each Journey there is a powerful forgiveness process which completes the session. It is from this place of forgiveness that deep healing naturally occurs.

The results are profound and long-lasting.

Types of Journey Processes

You can free yourself from fears/emotions and unleash a vital energy that will guide and empower you.

Emotional Journey:
Get to the core issue behind a current or recurring emotion. You are guided through emotional layers revealing the memories driving them so that they may be resolved and cleared. This allows more access to your inner source – that which you are beyond these emotions.

Physical Journey:
Your awareness takes you to a place inside your body where your physical illness or pain began, allowing you to discover the cellular memory that caused it. You are helped to identify the core issue behind the physical symptom, by tapping into your body’s intelligence and harnessing its healing potential.

Addictions Journey:
Uses a six step Reframe process which helps you change old unwanted behaviours or patterns which are no longer serving you, allowing you to move forward in life.

Abundance Journey:
A deep clearance of the blocks keeping you from having abundance in financial areas, career, family relationships and more. This process strengthens the part of you that is gifted.

Vow Change Journey:
If you have made a vow or promise to yourself that was originally negatively worded and is no longer serving you, the journey process enables you to identify the exact words and to release them at the cellular level. Then, you replace them with a new positively worded empowering vow that will benefit you throughout the rest of your life.

Belief Change Journey:

The journey practitioner helps you identify and release the negative self beliefs or labels whether they were assumed or inherited, burdens, guilt or family behaviour patterns that have been keeping you small. These constricting beliefs are replaced by empowering, positively phrased belief structures allowing you to move confidently forward in life toward your fullest potential.

Life’s Purpose Journey:
Life’s Purpose Journey is a profound revealing of who you are and why you are here. This process guides you to uncover and resolve any resistance that has been preventing you from living life as an expression of your true life’s purpose until now.

Other Journey Processes are also available to help resolve blocks and emotional traps:
Children’s Issues, Women’s Issues or Men’s Issues; Phobias; Victim or Blame Games.