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Take time to be still during the holidays ~ empty out, to be reborn into 2012

from Lise Lillian

I just want to let everyone know that we had a wonderful closure Life in Transition Heart Circle on December 3rd, which was hosted by one of our participants at her home.  We have come full circle, initiated our symbolic power sticks and passed through the final initiation gate in the Northwest.

This was a time of reflection, going inside to access the silence within, and emptying out on all levels to allow for rest and rejuvenation. Of course it is also a time of gratitude and sharing as we celebrate together with friends and family and bring the year to it’s end. As the days become shorter, we enter what I like to refer to as the ‘space between breaths’, traveling around the cusp of the circle of the year’s cycles, through Winter Solstice and into the New Year before we start to see the return of the sun and lengthening of the days.

When we sit in meditation and breathe a long slow breath out, we can notice the space between breaths that is subtle and seems like it can go on into infinity.  It is like this as we move through this ending cycle of the year, before we begin the new cycle of next year. When we can embrace this empty moment as the creative void in the dark of the shortened days, we can give space for the new to enter. This emptiness is full of potential, but we must empty out and go through the rest phase before rebirth.

We humans have a tendency to want to continuously fill ourselves up and be in distraction with the busy-ness of the ‘Holiday Season’ — television, computers, shopping, eating, drinking, you name it. We are afraid of the dark and the quiet, so we must fill it in somehow. Try practicing quieting down and sensing the subtle energies of this time. Take time to be still and rest. Let go of anything that is not serving you right now. Empty your clutter, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn to love this beautiful time of year by simplifying and not doing anything that is not enjoyable or necessary. There certainly is enough to do with the celebrations. Open to gratitude.

I am very grateful for the journey that I have shared with all of those who participated in the Heart Circles. It has been very magical and enjoyable as we adventured through each season together and passed through each directional gate. We all loved the opportunity to co-create our experience together at the beautiful setting at Carp Ridge. I want to thank everyone there, especially Katherine for offering the Learning Centre for our process together. I wish everyone in our community a wonderful transition through to the new year. Happy dreams!

Love, Light and Laughter