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The Whole Balance Method: a new integrative weight loss program launching at Carp Ridge

by Kealy Mann, ND

We all think we know how to lose weight. It’s simple. Eat less calories than we burn off in a day; count and weigh every morsel of food and make sure you exercise for at least an hour.

Well, science is now showing us what we’ve instinctively known for a long time. This method just doesn’t work. It has created a society full of chronic illness with skyrocketing cases of obesity and diabetes, among other diseases.

It has become undeniably clear that this one size approach to dieting just isn’t effective. The latest fads that implore us to remove all carbohydrates from our diet, or just eat Twinkies (as long as we don’t eat too many) are, not only unsustainable, but terribly unhealthy.

It’s time to stop blaming your ‘weak willpower’ and rebalance your physiology to get healthy. Focus on quality, not quantity; eat foods that nourish your body and mind and the weight will come off (and you will feel healthier and more energized).

Our program, The Whole Balance Method, is based on new research which has uncovered the most effective diet and exercise plan for weight loss and chronic health.

On this plan, you will be able to eat plenty of nourishing food and exercise less — without looking at that calorie counter on your treadmill!

We have designed a customized program that will uncover your own personal roadblocks to getting healthy and show you that getting to a healthy weight is about the quality of food and exercise, not just quantity. Once all of your systems are in balance, weight loss becomes almost effortless. We will teach you which foods will balance and nourish your body and mind for long term health and weight loss. To achieve this balance, we will work with you to design a personalized program that will remove all of your roadblocks to weight loss. These roadblocks include:

  • Hormonal imbalance (insulin, hunger hormones, sex hormones)
  • Brain Chemistry imbalance – leading to cravings, emotional eating, depression and anxiety
  • Stress and adrenal imbalance
  • Food & carbohydrate sensitivities
  • Inflammation
  • Detoxification imbalances
  • Negative emotional patterns

The best part is that unlike the low fat, low calorie, low carb, eat snack-well cookies or bacon all day long diets, our program will make you healthy while you get fit. You will look and feel better, age better, feel more in control and prevent chronic illnesses down the road.

While many people lose weight temporarily on fad diets, they usually pay a price in their long term health. Our bodies and minds need fresh, whole foods. Once it receives these foods, in the right balance, cravings will subside (I promise), as will symptoms of hypoglycemia, sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances. In many cases, diabetes can even be reversed.

Worried that your cravings will get the best of your efforts? Weight loss is not about willpower. How many times have you told yourself that tomorrow you will start your diet and then can’t even make it through the first day? The truth is that you can’t fight brain chemistry and our body’s survival instincts with willpower. You can’t win, in the long term, just by willing yourself to avoid your favorite foods and go to the gym for an hour at the end of a long day.

You may need this program if:

  • You are struggling with your weight
  • You have high cholesterol
  • You have diabetes or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • As you age, it seems harder to maintain your weight
  • You have cravings for _______ (salt, sugar, caffeine) that you just can’t control
  • You suspect you have food sensitivities
  • You are an emotional eater
  • You have tried fad diets before and they have left you feeling even worse

By taking part in the program, you will leave our clinic after a complete assessment by a Naturopathic Doctor as well as your own personal food sensitivity assessment and custom eating plan. You will also have all of the tools that you need to start your new plan.

Your personal workbook will include questionnaires that will help us to customize your eating and supplement plan, journal pages to track your progress, lists of ‘super-foods’ that will nourish your body and your brain and menus and recipes to help you get started.

We are very excited to offer The Whole Balance Method to our new and existing patients. Please join us for our free weight loss information session on Sat, June 23 at the clinic at 1pm.

Please call Collette at 613-839-1198 to RSVP.