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What is Energy Healing?

Jennifer Presley, RMTby Jennifer Presley, RMT


Energy healing comes in many different forms. It is the old “laying on of hands” in many respects. The tools I happen to use include Reiki, shamanic healing and working with Angels.


With Reiki, healing energy is channelled through me from Divine source. It comes through with intelligence and intuitively goes where it is needed.


Shamanic work deals with many layers of the soul, healing through various intuitive messages and reintegration of fragments of self-leading toward wholeness.


My third modality is communicating messages from Angels and collaborating with them in direct work on the body.


How Does it Feel?
Some people feel nothing happen during a session. Some people feel everything; they feel heat, certain emotions come up, they see coloured lights or have specific memories. It varies widely per person and per session.


Typically, you feel relaxed and lighter by the end of a session.


What are the Results?
You see better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functioning. Sometimes this will be immediately evident after one treatment or sometimes you see this after a series of sessions.


Emotionally there is less burden and more freedom to how you feel in various areas of your life.


Understanding deeper aspects of pressing issues brings mental clarity.


Experiencing spiritual healing varies depending on your openness and interest in this area.


Physically, tissue now has an opportunity to heal. This can mean less or no pain. There can also be the resolution of benign tumours, cancers and various other diseases or conditions.
Einstein’s equation of E=mc2 means that all matter is a frequency of energy. Changing or elevating the frequency of the energy governing the tissue gives an opportunity to improve the health of the tissue.


What are the mechanics of Energy Work?
Chakras, aura layers, meridians are different energy systems in the body which have their own optimal healthy functions.


Tears, cysts and blocked energy are all forms that impede healthy functioning of these systems.


Past life issues that are still problematic, current life issues and relationships with family and friends are the sources of these impediments to healthy function. Karma, contracts and the need of soul recovery because of lost fragments of self are also sources of difficulties in the energy systems.


Jennifer Presley RMT has been working in the Ottawa area doing massage therapy and energy work for eleven years. She takes joy and delight in doing this work and is honoured to assist others on their journey.