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What is fashionable ecowellness?

from Katherine Willow

At first glance fashion & ecowellness may seem incongruous, but in fact they are not.

There is a new and growing awareness in fashion circles & clothing manufacture that promotes the use of organic and renewably sourced materials.

At the forefront of this eco-friendly & sustainable business model in our community are the beautifully crafted and elegant clothing designed and created by Megan Duffield.

A graduate of the Fanshawe Collage Fashion Design program Megan has married her passion for clothing and environmental issues in a most wonderful result.

I first met Megan during this year’s spring Red Trillium Tour and was so impressed by her craftsmanship and passion for art that I purchased several of her lovely creations.

If you happen to miss the Fall Red Trillium Tour (Nov. 24-25th) which she is participating in, you can always visit her at the studio in Dunrobin at 3445 Torwood Drive or view her collection online at www.duffielddesign.ca

To book an appointment call or e-mail Megan at 613-832-7816 or info@duffielddesign.ca