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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: When to Use Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a broad term for therapeutic and diagnostic methods based on subtle energies.

Examples include homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, healing prayer, Reiki, quantum touch, Biotron sensitivity testing, shamanism, Emotional Freedom Technique, crystals, Angel healing and many more.

Research over the years has attempted to prove and disprove the efficacy of energy medicine with a mixture of results. My experience is that energy healing requires deep concentration and results vary according to the healer’s ability to focus at any given time.   Under critical observation it is no wonder that experimental results are not consistent. I used to doubt this realm until experiencing it for myself through quite a few methods.

There are many types of energy structures associated with the human body: acupuncture meridians and points, energy centres along the midline, layers of energies around us and energies associated with different functions, such as digestion, circulation and elimination. Spiritual traditions describe an energy rising along the spine as awareness awakens and an energetic core of bliss and wisdom called the soul.

Depending on their training and equipment, practitioners will assess and treat different aspects of these energetic levels.

The Vedas from India, our most ancient scriptures, teach that our soul accumulates extra layers according to positive and negative actions in our life. These layers, or samskaras, influence subsequent lives in a pattern of cause and effect. The goal according to this system is to peel off these layers in order to manifest our best selves.

The energy healer in our clinic, Jennifer Presley RMT, has the ability to pick up these influences as energy blocks she can see, translate and connect to a person’s current life, integrating knowledge from several traditions. Often it is these blocks which lead to illness and resist healing. Jennifer has seen cases of disease dissipate when the related blocks shift. She receives help from healing Angels to remove negative entities from individuals, commonly followed by a feeling of increased lightness and relief of symptoms.

On the other end of the scale, acupuncture and low dose complex homeopathy, used by many naturopathic doctors, have more of an effect on the physical body. Bach flower remedies work primarily on the emotions and Reiki works by funnelling healing through the practitioner to wherever it is needed. Cindy Fleming offers Reiki at our clinic.

When visiting a psychic, information and advice is channelled from the larger energy field we all share, described in Lynne Taggart’s book The Field, with startling research confirming energy principles that have been used for thousands of years.

When I refer patients to a psychic or energy healer, I remind them that they also have access to this information and will resonate with parts that are useful for them, so to trust their own intuition. The primary reason I refer to psychics is to resolve issues with people who have died, to obtain advice from a higher perspective or to glean information from past lives to help this one.

From what I have seen, good energy healers are competent, honest, respectful, grounded and humble, dedicated to doing their best while acknowledging that the healing comes from beyond them.

As we deepen our understanding of energy healing, more guiding principles will undoubtedly emerge to clarify this realm. In the meantime, we can exercise due diligence and common sense in choosing what is appropriate for our current healing needs as well as developing our own energetic awareness through practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer and chi gong.