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Bioenergetics for therapy, awareness & relaxation

A few weeks ago we had the honour of hosting George Reilly, long-time psychotherapist, for a morning workshop on Bioenergetics, a way of moving to bring deeper emotions and tensions into awareness.

With profound gentleness, George led us through simple exercises followed by questions, ending with the opportunity to lie on a mattress and kick arms and legs in a release of old feelings that resulted in a rush of warmth in the chest.  Apparently the founder of Bioenergetics used this daily and lived well into his nineties. . .

We were so pleased with his presentation, that we immediately invited George back for more.  You can experience his introduction to Bioenergetics at the Learning Centre on Sunday, Oct 17 from 9:30am to noon (cost is $40) and during the Mind-Body Healing Retreat Nov 19-21.

Comments from the gathering:

“Easy to apply, enjoyed being more grounded, calm and gentle.” BB

“Appreciated the gentle approach following the body’s wisdom.” VR

“Gentle and profound—put me more in touch!” KW