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Family Healing in the Old Country…

It was hard to leave. When you live at a rural healing centre there are always too many things to do and enjoy…peonies in bloom so briefly…the local farmer’s market…a garden that desperately needs tending…programs to develop. I felt a bit resentful to be travelling this time of year.
But, after a two-day delay because of passport difficulties and almost calling off the trip, I finally boarded a plane with grandson Felix and headed to Germany for family visits in Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich.
My cousin Friederike in Berlin is an osteopath and homeopath. Her apartment balcony is filled with herbs and flowers and the view is typically German: red tile roofs, sandstone walls, beautiful old buildings and gorgeous gardens. Her practice focusses on children and she gave Felix an osteopathic assessment and treatment. We spoke of family issues and family resolutions, stimulating insights into my own healing journey.
While Friederike was working, Felix and I headed out on the subway to a local lake where we discovered that bathing suits were optional. Felix’s comment was that he wished Canada was this free as the atmosphere was so obviously relaxed, open and accepting. I joined the ranks and loved the feeling of water, sun and breeze on all of my skin. I felt more comfortable and less self-conscious than with my clothes on…a lovely experience.
Next stop Nuremberg for a family wedding, my ever youthful aunt Trudy, three German cousins and my American cousin with his husband, in a city with the largest medieval castle in Europe, which Felix and I visited three times!
We were welcomed with open arms and spent much time learning about family history; saw the rural home where my mother, sisters and their mother were sent during the war; were shown buildings from the Third Reich (Hitler’s time)—which was a little startling; and got to know my cousins better over sumptuous German meals. I quickly realized that the warm-hearted company more than offset any “wrong” eating, bringing to mind a famous study that highlighted a community with unhealthy lifestyle habits who had a significantly lower percentage of disease and longer lives due to their supportive and happy social network…
In Munich we visited a local park complete with wild boars and creative activities that explored nature through the senses. Lots of ideas for here. I took in a classical concert for the first time in many years, didn’t even know how much I yearned for this until I found myself in tears, so moved by the music. Vowed to do this at home at least annually.
On our last day, we found a children’s playground with a wonderful zipline and water auger, more ideas to borrow. On the way to the airport, my aunt and I explored ideas and experiences about the afterlife, one of my deep interests, and I promised to send names of books. Felix and I left filled up with love and enriched by the culture.
I came back to Carp Ridge with energy and enthusiasm, ready to apply German ingenuity (and maybe a little more discipline) towards the next level of development at the ecowellness centre. More importantly, both Felix and I feel more connected with and nourished by our family roots, committed to staying in touch and planning our next visit. I am profoundly grateful that I was able to overcome my reluctance to leave this safe haven and discover new influences plus a family closeness that I had been missing…