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Nourishing times

Natural health in the trenches:
Katherine Willow’s monthly health diary

In the last episode, I was hanging in by the skin of my teeth and coming out of a disorganized and low-energy Christmas; I even found a pile of unopened cards and gifts in a corner of my messy office two weeks ago, oops. . . but at the same time my chronic terrors were diminishing substantially.

The terrors continued to diminish through January and my energy started to improve noticeably.  By end of January, my thoughts were clearer and I’ve been feeling better than I’ve ever felt in the middle of winter as an adult.  The joint achiness is subsiding and my chronic digestive problems are better.  I can even eat fruit without bloating, something I haven’t been able to do since childhood.  In consulting with our homeopath Dr. Veronika, we both agreed that the remedy she had given me was working well and didn’t need to be renewed — until I relapsed. What?  Yes, she fully expected me to relapse and require taking the remedy again.  Relapse could happen due to stress.

That very evening I was working late in the kitchen and there was a sudden sound from outside, like a car door slamming.  I froze.  There hadn’t been the sound of any car.  All my terrors flooded into my brain and voila — I was in relapse!  However, even without taking the remedy, I’ve been able to recover and wander about the house in the dark without being afraid.  And my mind has stayed clearer than usual during the day.  I guess it wasn’t a deep relapse. . . .

Intertwined with the homeopathic healing is the seasonal nudge to start cleansing as the sun gets stronger.  I always find this a bit difficult in February as the cold makes me want to eat heavy foods.  Usually my digestive system gets twitchy around now, resulting in me not knowing what I want to eat and reacting to food in general.  There is some of that, but it’s easier to eat lighter as my stomach can now handle more raw fruits and vegetables.  This is a minor miracle for me; I’m delighted!  No bloating, no heaviness, more energy — you’d think it was May. . . .

If you are wondering how my no-sugar-for-a-year resolution is going, so far it is easy.  I’m not being rigid, only restricting sweets, not ordinary food with a little sweet added like some whole grain breads or the occasional chutney with a meal.  I plan to make exceptions for Valentine’s, Easter, my birthday and Thanksgiving—and then by Christmas a year will be over!  Eating regular, good quality proteins and getting enough sleep is my personal key to not craving sugar once I broke the habit, after about a week.

As part of this process, I attended Lise’s meditation retreat on Jan 29 and had a wonderful time with a great group of people.  There were clear visions about my path and nourishing times in nature.  And the end result was that I’m taking a break from meditation.  This probably sounds surprising, but fits in with some advice from Veronika to let my brain become more grounded before pursuing further spiritual efforts.  This feels perfect to me.  I’m usually too tired to meditate anyway at the end of the day, just as German New Medicine predicts of a healing phase, and often fall asleep with Felix when putting him to bed.  So I’m very happy at the moment and will tune in again next month.

Just a quick note about Felix, my two year old grandson who lives with me: he woke up in the middle of the night about two weeks ago with a croupy cough and trouble breathing.  Luckily for both of us, I happened to have the exact homeopathic remedy to stop croup in its tracks and after one hour Felix was again sleeping peacefully.  He was able to go to daycare next day, but in the middle of the next night he woke again, this time with a burning high fever, part of riding out the healing process.  Another remedy brought relief and then he didn’t require any more remedies, simply a gentle diet and schedule for a few days while he returned to normal.

I’m extremely grateful for natural healing when I imagine the route the situation would have taken if the croup had taken its usual course: a trip to the hospital, a breathing tent, drugs, a week or two out of daycare and many sleepless nights for both of us.  This is the kind of thing that keeps me motivated in continuing to develop our centre as a place where people can come and learn these principles for themselves.

I wish you a good mid-winter time, getting ready for the season to change. . . .

~ Katherine
PS: progress report on my sabbatical — 70% of the first draft is done; looking for a company through which to self-publish as well as offer on the internet; designing the cover; making lists of people with whom to share and promote book; pacing the work to be all done by beginning of June to be able to take a copy of the book on a planned trip to Europe — and then get back to practicing!