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Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

Katherine’s monthly health diary

For Thanksgiving and much of the past week we were blessed with heavenly, warmer-than-usual weather.  I was supposed to be with my boyfriend Stephen for the holiday and summery weather, but ended up staying home. I needed to recharge after intense stress surrounding a charity greenhouse project, which is finally coming into resolution.  It involves late nights, people fighting, money pressure, time pressure and a steep learning curve.  It’s almost over thankfully.

So every few hours I try to go outside and lie on the grass, letting planet earth replenish my batteries.  It’s said that 45 minutes in bare feet on the ground balances our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.  I wonder if it works on being out of sorts. . .

On Thanksgiving dinner we had an organic chicken, local produce, millet grain and a vegan pumpkin pie (with coconut ice cream and whipped cream) for our healing house group and company.  But I rested instead of cleaning up the house, saving my energy for interacting with people and going back to regular life in the week.

I used to expend more energies on holidays than work — and end up going back to work more exhausted and grumpy than before the holiday!  The house will eventually get cleaner and we had a relaxed dinner and an early bedtime so I could bounce into (or at least face with energy), a new day with grandson 3-year-old Felix, who is fighting a cold and needs a change of diet.

Our new healing house guest, Sadie, is here for the next three months and is courageously facing her so-called mental illness.  People have been coming to volunteer to be with her to help her through, inspired by her determination and willingness to heal.  See her story in our latest posts.

My part of the story is staying balanced enough to be able to support the folks who depend on me, in spite of stress.  This involves using every tool I know and releasing old traumas with Deb Boldt.  It continues to work, but lately I’ve felt dangerously close to that edge of “losing it”.

I realize that I need to be careful not to derail my own process by distracting myself with stress and remind myself to breathe and centre.  Often.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Persist.  Remind myself of what’s important.  Tell myself there’s only one thing that will happen if I let myself indulge in worry and negative thinking: things will get worse.  Stay in the moment.  Talk to people honestly and don’t pretend I’m not struggling.  Surrender.  Prioritize.  Trust.

It helps to write this.  Thank you for listening!  I’ll let you know how it goes again next month.   Oh yes, and it’s time to do an inner cleanse — come to the next open house if you need to learn how (ed note:  Sat, Oct 22, 1-3pm: Learn Fall Cleansing for Optimal Health, at the Clinic).  I’ll be doing my own in the meantime, very gently. . .

warm regards, katherine

PS: Check out the new post about Dr. Bruce Lipton — he speaks about our ability to change worry and negative thinking into creative, conscious living.