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Time to Cleanse ~ Again!

by Katherine Willow, ND

Carp Ridge Annual Spring Cleansing Retreat, April 23-25 (Fri night thru Sunday afternoon) (Call 613-839-1179 or email programs@ecowellness.com for more info)

ALSO: Free Talk at Carp Ridge Healing House,
Sat, April 10th, 1-3pm: Time for Spring Cleansing!
Go to
www.healinghousecanada.com for directions and info about Healing House.


Didn’t we just do this?

Yup.  And it’s time to do it again.  Every year, twice a year, spring and fall when the change of seasons moves our bodies to clean house, we can collaborate with the rhythm of nature.

Needing to cleanse shows up as digestive discomfort, loss of appetite &/or increased cravings, fatigue, colds and flus, headaches, irritability–very unpleasant.  However, when we undertake a cleanse, we can feel on top of the world again!

How do we do this?

Theoretically it’s simple: lighten the diet, make sure the bowels are moving regularly, take some time to rest, exercise gently and add some milk thistle for the liver.  That’s for folks who are healthy and confident in how their bodies work.

For people who are new to this concept of physical cleansing there is help.  You can read a book on it.  You can see your naturopathic doctor for an individual program.  And you can come to our cleansing retreat at the end of April as a safe, easy and inexpensive way to experience the process in the jovial company of others without any feelings of being deprived — because Cindy will be cooking for us!