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What’s it all about, Wendy Cloutier?

NOTE: A member of our extended family at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre sent this image, and we wanted to pass it along to you. Below is a little more explanation regarding Wendy’s ‘personal ad’ (because we asked her, ‘Wendy, what’s it all about?”).

As for what it’s all about, I think I’ve made a decision to move through my fears and go after what I want for my life.

In a playful approach to expand my sense of belonging to a broader family and community, maybe I feel like a bright star with this shining new idea, that our potential for understanding and art and connection and love are limitless, and I don’t want to miss another opportunity to circle around and see what’s there.

Or, maybe I’m a free-spirited novice, writer and artist, willing to experience my vulnerable spaces while I explore relationships and how to survive a creative life when my peers are retiring with pensions, in a world structured by success and reward, during a time of environmental and economic chaos, with a current government that believes what’s needed now is to eliminate the gun registry and spend billions of dollars to expand criminal charges and extend prison sentences, led by an economist who sees the world as a very straight line in black or red.

And I just need some love.

If you have a good galactic orbit to offer Wendy, please contact her at the email listed above: wclouthier@sympatico.ca.