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Winter Camp Afterword…

Just in case you were wondering how our first annual winter camp went, here is our report.
We had eight wonderful children between the ages of 3 and 12 during the four day week after New Year’s and before school started up. It happened to be the coldest time of the winter, with temperatures diving to the minus late twenties plus wind chill, but we persevered and went outside anyway, at least for short periods.

Our days started with a circle where we lit a candle, smudged ourselves with local herbs, meditated to the sound of chimes then checked in with a talking stick and planned our day.

Outside we tobogganed, collected materials to make snowshoes and nature art, rode the zipline in the snow, found and identified animal tracks, started building a fort and hiked the trails.

Inside we played pick-up sticks, made snow shoes and snow goggles, created beautiful nature art, read stories, learned about crystal magic from Reiki Mumma Sylvia, did yoga, drummed, ate yummy healthy food that was heated on the woodstove, made tea from pine and spruce twigs and had lovely quiet times or naps after lunch. On the final day we put on rock and roll music and had a dance party after making s’mores on the stove with organic ingredients.

All the children got along and helped each other. New friendships were made. We were very happy at how it all went and are looking forward to repeating the process for our PD day camps (Friday, Jan 26 and Friday, Feb 16) and March Break camp, March 12-16.

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) to join in the fun, please contact Ellie at 613-839-1198 or info@ecowellness.com or register online at www.ecowellness.com.