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Clearing Karma…

Last week I had to smile after reading “Karma is Real” on a T-shirt.  Eastern philosophy explains karma as consequences of good and bad deeds which attach us to the earth plane.  These energetic “imprints” of deeds performed out of ego follow us through lifetimes and generations, inclining us to more of the same.  To become free or enlightened according to this philosophy, one must clear all karma, good and bad—although it is generally less painful to resolve positive karma than negative.

Easier said than done.  The pull of nature is stronger than simple intentions; the mind needs to be trained to focus deeply, breathing into and releasing our stories.  Faith becomes an essential quality to cultivate as we sink down through the onion layers and lose our bearings until we hit the clear patches.  It’s no wonder that Eastern scriptures speak of millions of lifetimes to attain union with Source!

However, during these current times we are fortunate to have information and techniques that have not usually been available to the average person.  Sacred scriptures are translated into common languages and spiritual teachers are willing to teach anyone who is interested in learning and practicing.  Yoga, meditation and energetic methods applied to healing can gradually at first and then more intensively dissolve layers of karma (also known as baggage).  It is not a process for the timid and can be profoundly difficult.

For this reason, it is vital that one’s teacher or practitioner be experienced and ethical to avoid blowing our energetic and nervous fuses.  Slower is generally faster, gentle generally more effective than harsh.

There are windows in life when it is easier to let go of one’s karma.  Dying is one of those times and there fore precious.  The wonderful thing about Eastern philosophy is that it teaches that all of us will eventually come to peace when we have had enough experiences and are tired of the drama.

Katherine Willow N.D. runs the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre where we offer gentle programs to support each other in our healing journeys.  Sign up at www.ecowellness.com for updates.