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Calm your mind, nurture your body

A Women’s Relaxation Class, facilitated by Amber Young, RMT

6-week session, Thursdays
6 – 8pm, April 7 – May 12th
Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic & Learning Centre

Cost:  $120 for full 6-week course, or $20/single session
RSVP to 613-839-1198  or  clinic@ecowellness.com

It’s difficult for us, as women, to honor the need to take care of ourselves, to relax and carve out time just for us.   Making time to relax  allows us to become more whole and in touch with who we are at our core – deeper than our many roles – as mother, daughter, partner, friend, student, worker, as well as the many other roles we find ourselves living.  Welcome to a course that honors that need – I invite you to join me on a six-week journey to simply let go of stress and relax – and perhaps to glimpse and remember that wholeness. . .

We need to become the sanctuary we seek. ~ Jack Kornfield

Brief Course Outline:
Together, as a group, we will take a mindfulness-based approach to relaxation. Each week we’ll review previous teachings, then learn new techniques to rest the body and the mind. This lets you experience different aspects of relaxation and most importantly, different aspects of yourself.  It is my hope that you can strengthen existing ways of relaxation, and also integrate new ways to relax and empower yourself in day to day life.

What You Can Expect:

  • Self-care skills for stress management.
  • A safe environment to let go of stress, to rest and to relax.
  • Reconnect with your breath, and learn different breathing exercises.
  • Bring movement into your body,  supporting a release of  tension, as well as connecting your body, your mind and your heart.
  • Gain a greater sense of self-control and clarity as you relax your body and mind.
  • An opportunity to explore different meditation styles, helping to build a self-practice.
  • Moments to reflect through writing, and time to check in with your creative nature.
  • Guided through visualizations and different imagery.
  • Perhaps, most importantly, you will  learn different ways to centre yourself; to be more comfortable in your own skin.