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Consider an exciting new career in holistic healing

by Katherine Willow ND

This spring we will be offering the first ever four week training program for people who would like to manage their own Healing House.  It runs four separate weeks from March through June, 2010.  This is one of the most exciting things we’re doing at the EcoWellness Centre.

title-blockLet me explain.

Over the years we have lost patients for lack of a holistic in-patient facility.  In some cases people were just not able to take care of themselves and didn’t have family or friends to help.  In other cases, family or friends didn’t understand the healing path a person had chosen and didn’t know how to support them.

Our frustration led to the development of the first Healing House at Carp Ridge. The positive results have confirmed how important such a facility can be.  In fact, we hope to introduce our statistics to the Ministry of Health after we have been open for a few years and suggest that we be considered for coverage under OHIP.

We will also apply to be covered by work insurances, demonstrating how this option can save them a considerable amount of money compared to hospital stays and medical treatments alone for the same condition.

We are aware that Healing Houses aren’t for everybody.  In fact, we have created them for a certain group of people: those who WANT a holistic environment and an alternative or complement to medical treatment.  We are not out to convert anybody.  At the same time, we hope to be able to take at least a little (maybe a lot at some point) of the load away from our overfilled hospitals.

The Healing House training program contains fascinating information. It gives potential hosts a foundation to create a powerfully healing environment without the stress of being responsible for treatments (unless they are already licensed to do so and want to include that in their Healing House services).

Training topics include:

  • holistic healing principles
  • German New Medicine basics
  • nutrition and cooking from many traditions
  • detoxification
  • meditation
  • movement and exercise
  • creative activities
  • how to handle emergencies
  • licensing and zoning
  • business set-up
  • how to keep one’s own personal balance while caring for others (maybe the most important topic!).

If you are interested in finding out more, check out our website, www.healinghousecanada.com. Better still, come to one of our monthly Open Houses, take in a free talk and visit our Healing House and the hosts working there.  See what our guests have written about their stay at Carp Ridge.

Karen Secord manages our training program and is so enthusiastic about the concept that she is staying with us while recovering from her recent tonsillectomy.  She whispers that it’s the best place she could possibly be right now. . . .