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October fall cleansing: a free talk, and CE courses

Sat, Oct 16th, 1-3pm
Open House & Free Talk:
The importance of cleansing your body of toxins in the Fall
For directions go to https://ecowellness.com/directions.html

Sun, Oct 17th, 10am – 3pm (1hr lunch)
BDDT-N approved CE Courses:
1. Cleansing with Botanicals (2hrs)
2. Cleansing by Ayurvedic Constitutional Types (2hrs).

To register & for info call 613-839-1198 x221.


When the season changes so does your body. Your immune system will sense and react to different stresses based on changes in the weather. Because we live and work indoors much of the time, insulated from seasonal cycles, we tend to forget this body knowledge, this ages-old and evolutionary co-dependence with the natural world. And our busy lifestyles often contribute to missing the health cues that lead to unhealthy misery during the winter months.

Doing a bodily cleanse of toxins and built-up impurities in our system is highly recommended during the fall and spring season. In autumn the leaves are falling and the growing season is winding down due to the loss of light and warmth. Nature prepares for sleep in the northern climates ~ and this is when our body’s immune system is starting to gear up for winter.  A cleanse will help your immune system strengthen itself to defend against colds and illness.