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Fighting the Flu and Splitting Skins

It’s a PD Friday on a mild winter morning.  For those of you with children you know this means they are home from school.

Felix, my five year old grandson who lives with me, woke up with a croupy cough, postponing the skating and tobogganing plans we had.  Instead, I gave him a homeopathic remedy, some children’s echinacea drops, herbal tea with a light fruit breakfast and we played quietly.  The cough has mostly stopped, but it’s important to allow the healing to sink in—relapses take much longer to heal, with fluish symptoms sometimes hanging on for weeks!

The trick is rest, mental relaxation, light eating, immune boosting and staying really warm.  It’s now afternoon and Felix hasn’t wanted to eat anything since the fruit.  While I was away for a meeting, the cough started to come back, so I have given him another remedy, re-dosed the echinacea and added 2000 IU’s of vitamin D.  He was ready to eat some warm apple sauce, cucumber slices and a non-sugar fruit bar and is now reading with Sandy (who doubles as our coach at the clinic).  The fruit is actually too cooling, but was what he was willing to take.

Later we will go outside and pile firewood to get some fresh air and tempt his body to re-engage.


I’m in a similar phase of balancing healing and everyday life.  Having the month away from clinical practice allows more repair to take place; as a consequence I’m in more pain and fatigue as my body repairs decades of a depleting lifestyle.  On the other hand, as I settle into myself instead of trying to prove something to others, a lovely gentle energy is rising: energy to clean my home, reorganize, de-clutter and cook new dishes; energy to play with Felix, connect with my family and deepen friendships.  All things that I never made time for while trying to save the planet…

Last week I received live cell injections, cells from embryonic sheep (thank you) to strengthen weak organs and tissues.  The shots hurt, there are two weeks of extra tiredness and the results don’t show up for months.  I am tracking my symptoms to clearly assess this treatment, hoping to use this modality for patients if it works well for me.

The other new aspect is a spiritual one.  I have enrolled in the three year program of inner development through Yogananda Paramahansa’s kriyas, similar to the practices that I learned from my original spiritual teacher but couldn’t do properly because of emotional imbalance and constant exhaustion.  It’s truly useless to meditate when so tired, better to sleep!

Other than that, lots of little breakthroughs, emerging out of more delusions (do they EVER end?!), and wondering who I will be after shedding these skins that I developed trying to protect myself.  EMDR therapy continues to help me feel safer and live from a more positive perspective.

That’s it for now.  Nothing too exciting, this isn’t a quick fix.  In naturopathic philosophy, it takes 1-2 months for every year one has been ill.  For me that’s from 13 to 54, when I started to let down into real healing; thirty years, over three years of work to recover, one year left if I’m disciplined (and lucky!).  This is nothing compared to the healthy decades that lie ahead; it’s a sound investment and a crucial part of saving the planet.

Here’s to your own healing, may it lighten the darkness of winter.