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Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


A note about financial sustainability at the clinic

Dear Patients,

This clinic is a joy in which to practice and work,  very much due to the calibre of the patients we attract.  At this point we would like to explain a new policy to you, our patients, and ask for your cooperation in making it successful.

We are needing to become more financially sustainable in the clinic. This is absolutely essential.  As a result we have decided that the practitioners need to take responsibility for charging for all of the time they see patients.  This means charging for time over and above the appointment slot as well as for phone calls over 5 minutes and long emails addressing new questions.

We have never done this before and request your understanding that it is important for us to tighten our belts occasionally, just like everyone else.  We are choosing this method instead of raising prices any more and hope to have your support as we continue developing the thoroughness and excellence of this clinic.

Thank you–here’s to your health and your own prosperity!

The Staff at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic