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Hummingbird Hawk Moth

This creature is called a Hummingbird Hawk Moth and its spiritual meaning is an absolutely perfect affirmation for those disbelievers who walk the earth…  Hummingbird Hawk Moths are different from most moths as they are active during the day. This makes them a very significant totem animal. They are moths so they will allow insight into mysteries and dreams but since they are active during the day, their energy is very similar to that of butterflies.

The hummingbird moth totem will aid you in achieving depths of inner and outer exploration far beyond the ordinary. As a symbol of personal transformation, your spirit helper will hover ever-near to assist in all those changes within yourself and within your environment that are necessary for you.

Hummingbird moth spends the first part of its life crawling the earth, before metamorphosis leads it to spin a home for stasis (known as a cocoon). After transforming, hummingbird moth is reborn as a beautiful winged creature of the air.
This insect is extremely sensitive to the Harmony of Earth, and is the first creature to leave a damaged ecology. Hummingbird moth’s graceful dancing-like appearance on flowers reminds us to find the joy in nature and make it a part of our life.
Hummingbird moth enters our life as a messenger for change. It may take some time being alone with ourselves to listen to hummingbird moth’s gentle requests that we allow the natural transformation of things in our lives…..