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JaMN: Come to Carp Ridge to fit-up outside instead of inside!

Jasen Brousseau is the newest addition to the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre community. Coming out of his degree program at Carleton University in Environmental Studies and being certified as a fitness trainer Jasen, wants to reconnect people with nature through a fitness method he developed called JaMN (Jasen’s Methode Naturelle).

He describes a JaMN session like this: “JaMN is a period of time spent interacting with nature with fitness purposes in mind. As a society we have forgotten how interacting with nature can not only be fun and extremely therapeutic, but also a very good workout. JaMN takes the movements that our ancestors once practiced on a daily basis and turns them in to a one hour session of lifting logs, throwing rocks, crawling on all fours, balancing on fallen trees, running through the forest, climbing trees and hanging from branches, jumping from rock to rock, and all of this while being outside in nature and not cooped up in a gym.”

Jasen offers one-on-one therapeutic sessions as well as one-one-one fitness sessions. On top of this Jasen has set three times each week where he trains at the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre. He invites those interested in JaMN to join him either on a drop-in or regular basis.

For details and to find out more about JaMN visit www.ja-mn.com.

“Looking forward to JaMN with you!”