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Laura Stark ND ~ A New Arrival at the Clinic

At the end of June, Katherine gave a talk about the relationship between emotions and allergies at a naturopathic convention in Calgary.

At the back of the room, a newly-minted naturopath said, “I need to work with that woman!” Not five minutes later, Katherine mentioned she desperately needed help over this coming year while Kealy is on maternity leave. The young woman thought, “I’m that person.”

Six weeks later Laura Stark ND arrived at Carp Ridge for a week’s stay and committed to working in the clinic for the upcoming year.

Laura is fresh, smart, and has a heart as big as the prairies she comes from. She packed up her things and returned to Carp Ridge this September ready to see patients, at first under Katherine’s supervision. No more waiting lines to see someone who will use a cabinet of naturopathic medicine and German New Medicine. Laura will also help develop our goal of computerizing the clinic to be more thorough and able to do future research, ultimately using what she learns to start her own healing centre in another lucky community.

We welcome you Laura!

Laura Stark draws from the breadth of her training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to create individually tailored treatment plans to most effectively support her patients on their healing journeys. Working from a foundation of a lifestyle that nourishes body, mind, and spirit, Laura encourages ongoing participation in the healing process whether dealing with an acute illness, chronic disease or health optimization. She respects the wisdom of the body and views her job as a doctor as one that helps a patient reconnect with their own powerful healing nature.