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October seminar: Sustainable local solutions to global economic problems

prout-seminarThe PROUT Institute is hosting a weekend of seminars running Friday, October 23rd, through Sunday, October 25th at St Paul University, 249 Main Street (Normandin Room), Ottawa, Ontario. (Registration info is at the end of the posting.)

Seminar Topics & Schedule:

Free Public Talk, “Crisis and Opportunity: Opening New Realms of Sustainable Economic Potential”
Friday, Oct 23rd, 7:30 – 9pm at 223 Main Street in the Auditorium

Main Seminar, “Enlightened Local Solutions to Global Economic Problems
Saturday, Oct 24th, 9am – 5pm in the Normandin Room. Cost is $80, includes meal & refreshments. Free parking is available.

Free Public Talk: “Working Toward a New Vision of Development”
Sunday, Oct 25th, 11am – 2pm in the Normandin Room. Lunch & refreshments will be served.

A Seminar for Our Times
The economic crisis that grips the world calls upon us to take a fresh look at our basic assumptions and approaches to economic development. No viable enterprise or path of development can be framed without addressing the global crises of energy depletion, climate change, financial meltdown, and environmental destruction. These crises are not independent from one another but interact and reinforce each other in complex ways. They also stem from a common root: an economic paradigm that assumes infinite monetary
and material growth is possible with little concern for how nature works or for the holistic development and well-being of all people and other living beings.

Topics for the Seminars Include:

  • Core features of a sustainable and equitable society
  • Inherent flaws of the dominant economic paradigm and its institutions
  • Fundamental values, design principles, and institutional structures of a life-centered, decentralized economic paradigm
  • Facilitate global and national coordination and regulation
  • Regional self-reliance and inter-regional cooperation
  • Rural and urban integration
  • Planning methods for coordinating multiple economic sectors
  • Organizing tools for engaging and mobilizing community-wide participation

Sunday’s open meeting is particularly for all who would like to discuss and implement practical steps for bringing forward an enlightened alternative vision of development.

For ticket and registration, click here.

You can also call Chris Simmonds, local organizer and Ottawa architect, at: 613-567-7888, or email: info@csimmonds.com

Click here to see the announcement at PROUT Institute’s website and learn more about them.