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Staff notes: Kim Callaghan,Veronika Zhmurko & Mike Nickerson

Many of you will remember Kim Callaghan, an ND who used to see patients here at the clinic. Kim now works in Toronto and practices family natural medicine with a focus on women’s health and pediatrics. She has a special interest in treating behaviour issues including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, ODD, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Kim is a proud mom of 2 girls — aged 4 years and 1 year. Her new address is below:

Kim Callaghan, ND
Innate Health Centre
5 Quebec Ave
Toronto, ON
M6P 2T3

We have a homeopathic practitoner joining us in August, Veronika Zhmurko. Veronika is a General Practitioner dedicated to Classical Homeopathy. She graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in Ukraine with a specialization in Family Medicine. Veronika received her PhD in Clinical Immunology from the Kiev Medical Academy.

Not being satisfied with the conventional approach to medical treatment, Veronika has received intensive training in Homeopathy through the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece, as well as at the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy.

Veronica has practiced Classical Homeopathy for many years. She strongly believes in treatment of the person as a whole as the most effective way for restoration of health.

Mike Nickerson has joined us for a while, living in the westerly straw bale cabin and managing the garden.  In 2006 Mike wrote the book, Life, Money and Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay. He’s working in a clinic office with an Intern on producing educational videos for the 7th Generation Initiative and also upgrading their website (see below).

As he noted in a recent email, “Our purpose is to add to the leverage of understanding that will ultimately redirect society from its present dedication to perpetual economic expansion to something that better suits the needs of our children and grandchildren.  The project in its present form is outlined at: www.SustainWellBeing.net.”

Mike is interested in inviting the Carp Ridge staff and friends to a discussion about the concepts outlined in his book, and has facilitated many such discussions. He can be reached at:  sustain5@web.ca