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The Blessed Unknown…

It’s an evening after putting grandson Felix to bed, reading his night-time story, listening to the events of his day. He was made bus monitor, helping the other children with the bus rules, and he is proud of himself.

As I lay beside him, listening to his breathing calm down and move into sleep, I wondered how our future will unfold. There is such a burning desire in me to get back into the healing work. At the same time, there is an equal burning need for personal and family healing. It’s not a new problem, laugh! The conclusion always comes back to having enough faith to move slowly, one step at a time, one day at a time. Not a new solution either!!

This week Felix and I move into the basement of the clinic while my daughter Coral and partner Ashley move into my house on the same property. We’ll be neighbours for the sake of a six year old boy. A therapist has been enlisted to help us grow through the inevitable rough patches. We are all excited and nervous; family relations haven’t been spectacular over the last two decades. Fortunately they have improved markedly these past six months due to ongoing efforts on both sides and some breakthroughs in my personal trauma work with experienced EMDR therapist Mary Ann Carmichael.

These breakthroughs and retirement have come at a good time—just as my sister Lili needs support for her health, as I described in my last blog. It’s meant driving or flying to New York City or upstate NY five times in the previous two months. And the results are so far wonderful: her last brain MRI was totally clean. Thank you to all the people who have responded with such kind, thoughtful and uplifting messages. It has meant a lot. The next MRI is at the end of October.

As for the birth of my friend Stephen’s first grandchild, I missed the birth. All is well—Sophie and son Francis are strong and healthy. I so look forward to seeing him. This connection with other families and their children is new to me, a long-time dedicated loner, and I marvel at the strong feelings of affection that are increasing in my life.

All this would have toppled me even a few months ago. Yet I have never felt as strong, even and clear, leading to a sense of awe and humility. In the past my meditation practice would have bitten the dust; instead it has magically deepened. I can only acknowledge and thank Grace. Now it’s a matter of setting up a new home, continue supporting my sister and start going through my work papers with the intention of finding my next step. The obvious thing would be to finish my book on German New Medicine and move forward from there.

In the meantime, the monthly Carp Dinner Talks are back and I am presenting on Sunday, October 19th on how to do a fall cleanse if you need to hear it again, smile…

Back to packing boxes and trying to keep the threads of everyday life during the move.

By next blog I hope to be settled and preparing to write. And I do intend to get back to everyone who is still waiting on me for a reply—so sorry!

happy autumn transitioning,