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The Holy Man, a precious little work of fiction by Susan Trott

To start the new year, we’ve compiled a list of books and digital products that are recommended or used by CREWC practitioners, workshop facilitators & participants, or visitors & clients to Carp Ridge. We’ll regularly post reviews for each title as we add to our “blog library” (click on the “CREWC Library” tab near the top of the page to see the entire collection).

This month’s review pick is The Holy Man, by Susan Trott:

“I first picked up this little gem about 12 years ago at an eclectic bookstore in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I’ve read it at least once a year since.

It’s a great one evening or snowy day read and is both thought provoking and humorous at the same time. . . my favourite combination.

We’re not talking labourious soul searching here, but a comfortably expansive and delightfully whimsical reflection on human nature.  I highly recommend it.”

~ Rebecca Word, ND at Carp Ridge

Susan Trott is author of many novels, and, in 2009, reached the same age as her main character, an ordinary holy man named Joe, in this work published back in 1995. 72-year-old Joe dwells in his no-frills mountaintop retreat offering advice and wisdom to a steady stream of pilgrims who arrive seeking answers to life’s challenges.

Susan Trott is an original voice who is able to place profound wisdom into her simply written stories. And she has her own multitude of devoted followers judging by the many and glowing reviews of her books posted on various literary websites.  She went on to complete a trilogy of tales with The Holy Man’s Journey and The Holy Woman that continue the journey of Joe as well as some fellow worldly travelers who meet him.

Here is just one reader’s comments, taken from a slew of Amazon.com customer reviews: “This book changed my life. . .  I’ve been depressed, hurt and emotional for the past several months.  I’ve been doing psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and reading many spiritual and/or self-help books. But I found this book the most helpful amongst all of the above. Reading The Holy Man has reminded me of how wonderful life can be if you are kind and loving to others. As Joe says, I believe it is true that if we treat everyone we encounter as a holy person, even ourselves, we’ll be very happy. As I read this book, I came to realize that everyone has insecurities, pains and sufferings, and my compassion for human race has returned to me.”