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Tribute to Charles Bailey (June 29, 1942 – March 3, 2015)

Charles BaileyCharles was an endearing patient of mine for several years.  We had one of those instant heart connections and it was a true honour to work with him.  In spite of a long relationship with cancer that created a lot of limitations, Charles did his best to continue enjoying the little things in life, including riding his motorcycle!

Charles was a gentle soul with piercing blue eyes, stubbornly maintaining his dignity when many things we take for granted were pulled away from him.  It was difficult to hear that he had passed…but at the same time I am happy that he has the relief of shedding his body in returning to the energetic realm of existence.

My warm sympathies go out to his family, especially to his daughter Laura Tromp, who used to be our beloved clinic manager.  Felix and I found two seeds sprouting in one of our Gala apples and have planted them, one for Laura and her triplets (turns out to be their favourite apple), one to keep here with Charles’ name on it.

Fair thee well on the other side Charles and thank you for your trust and friendship.