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Using CranioSacral Therapy with Journeywork: A case study

by Debra Weedmark, BA, Orth
Accredited Journey Practitioner, CranioSacral Facilitator

This is an interesting example of how bodywork and emotional therapy can resolve physical symptoms.

A woman under naturopathic care for adrenal and digestive support was referred for craniosacral therapy for assessment and Journeywork for any emotional blockages at the root of the primary complaints.

The first two visits were for craniosacral therapy (CST) to evaluate her body and its blockages and energy flow restrictions.  This physical evaluation uncovered restrictions at her hips, pelvic diaphragm, stomach, liver, jaw, neck and left shoulder.

While treating the stomach area, I noted that her stomach felt like a rubber ball or bubble!  After continued CST treatment and discussions with the client, issues of self protection arose and questioning of who she believed herself to be.  The “real her” was stuck inside this rubber ball of tension in her stomach area.

She had been challenged so many times in her life — about who she was, that she had subconsciously placed protection there to keep others out.  During this CST session we were able to release the tension in the tissues and cells in the mid section of her body.

During the second treatment tension was traced to the back of her head (occipital and parietal bones) which had restricted craniosacral rhythm (CSR).  During the CST session we were able to unwind the tension and uncovered issues of fear around not feeling like she ever really belonged.  With this fear she discovered that she had subconsciously switched herself into total control mode, always being in control of everything and never allowing others truly into her life.

By blocking others out of her life, she also blocked her true self from living life.  She was struggling to figure out who she really was.  Always questioning, “Have I just fit in the various roles/molds in life?”  The tension in her head was relieved with this treatment session.

After further treatment and discussions with the client we decided to include Journeywork into her next treatment, so we could get at the root event which was causing physical discomfort and digestive issues in her body.

Journeywork is a modality that helps one connect with one’s own body wisdom and uncover at a cellular level what exactly has been stored in the body, why, and identify what is causing one’s body not to function at its normal healthy level.  Science knows the cells in our bodies rejuvenate many times in a one year period to allow us to have a brand new body.  So why do we still have illness or disease if in one year we are all brand new?

It is because the memories we have stored in various cells are causing them to not function at 100% efficiency and are allowing them to become our body’s weak points.  By using Journeywork — an inner visualization technique that will help you consciously become aware of your body, allow for self-healing, forgiveness and the release of stored cellular memory and the return of proper cell function.

In conjunction with the treatments, homework was assigned, including a forgiveness exercise and a writing exercise.  Both of these exercises are to help the client become  aware of how the various events in her daily life really do affect her.  Both were aimed at releasing negative limiting self beliefs that were stuck at the cellular level.

The third treatment was a combination of Journeywork and CST.  They are complementary therapies which aid the release of emotional and/or physical traumas and assist at reengaging the healing process.

During this session, CST uncovered tension at the stomach, liver and respiratory diaphragm (mid body), so this is where I worked while I guided the client through a Journey process to identify the root cause of the stomach issues.  The client uncovered an early life memory, which had the theme of “unworthiness”.   She remembered always having to or feeling like she had to prove herself.  She also had feelings around never fitting in or belonging.

Through the Journey process she emptied out all those stored “could haves, should haves”, and discovered old negative belief and behavior patterns that were no longer serving her.  She replaced them with positive empowering beliefs of confidence, self worth, and being worthy of love and belonging — to name a few.  The client was able to complete the Journey process feeling relieved and more relaxed than she had in a very long time.

A few days later, she reported feeling more energized, peaceful, and carefree.  The stomach pain had left and she was feeling good.  Through this experience she has become more aware of her body and her ability to work with it toward her goal of wellness.