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What’s Happening at Carp Ridge Healing House? You can order from Ontario Natural Food Co-op! And meet some new staff!

By Karen Secord, Healing House Canada Project Manager

February is a difficult month for many of us. That’s why it is the perfect time to treat ourselves to a little “me” time.

The Carp Ridge Healing House is the ideal place to banish those dreary mid-winter blahs. Come relax with us. . . body, mind and spirit.

Let us cook for you -– the absolute best organic meals you can imagine, designed specifically for you. Learn the basics of how to feed your body type. Go home with recipes that will boost your energy and vitality.

Rise early and stretch -– we’ll show you how easy it is to incorporate yoga into your daily routine and why it is beneficial for both your physical and emotional health.

Join us for daily meditation -– an important component of true relaxation and inner peace.

Come stay for a night, a weekend, a week or longer. The choice is yours! Check out our Winter Specials, or talk to us about adding services from the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic to your special “get-away”. We will be happy to arrange a rejuvenating massage, a relaxing infrared sauna, Journeywork session (emotional healing), food sensitivity test, acupuncture treatment, and/or appointment with a naturopathic doctor.

Training Program: Training others to do what we do is our dream. We are proof that the Healing House concept is a viable small business venture. And soon we will be ready to share what we have learned with others. Training will commence in September and take four weeks to complete, over four months. Each week will begin with an onsite weekend introduction (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon), and continue online for the remainder of the week.

Ontario Natural Food Coop: It’s been a long time coming but at last we are members of the Ontario Natural Food Coop; a membership that gives us the power to buy some of the best quality organic products available, at some of the best prices. We have placed two orders without any major mishaps. We are now offering you the opportunity to order with us. We have just a few simple instructions:

1. We only have 2 catalogues and they are located at the Healing House and at the Clinic. You can photocopy the pages you are interested in, but please do not remove the books.

2. Tell us what you’d like! Please try to order in quantities of 6 or full cases.  Arrange to split with a friend if necessary. This is bulk food buying and we want to keep the processing as simple as possible.

3. To place your order fill in OUR form, located at Clinic reception. You must total your order and leave a cheque for the exact amount. We would prefer not to handle cash if at all possible. Please add 10% to your total order (before taxes, if any). This extra amount will be kept separate to help with administration costs.

4. We will place orders once a month on a Friday. Deadline for orders is noon on Monday.  Pick up day will be on the Tuesday after the order IN THE CLINIC KITCHEN, as follows:

Orders in by: Feb. 22; March 22; April 26
Orders Placed: Feb 26; March 26; April 30
Orders picked up (Please bring your own bags & boxes): March 2; March 30; May 4

Email any questions to: healing.food@hotmail.com
Or, call Karen @ 613-839-5786 / 613-422-5590

New Staff:

The Carp Ridge Healing House is proud to introduce the two newest members of our team:

Kim Trott

Kim shines when she is caring for others. She is a bright light around the Healing House. Whether decorating to inspire holiday spirit, cleaning out a closet, or listening to the stories told by a guest, Kim is always thinking about the needs of others. In fact, we have learned that there are few jobs that she wouldn’t take on around the house to make our guests comfortable.

At home in the kitchen, Kim cooks up a storm – for the Healing House and, when required, for events at the Learning Centre.

Kim has a special interest in end-of-life care. The physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people readying themselves for death are the basis of both a personal and professional calling for her.

Kim’s hard working attitude and warm demeanor are qualities that add value to the work that we do and to the time our guests spend at the Healing House.

Lise Nickerson

We are incredibly fortunate to have Lise working with us. Her intuitive, yet informed approach to healing and wellness is a perfect “fit” for the work that we do.

Lise has a personal vision which is in alignment with the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.  Her life’s work has been dedicated to facilitating healing and empowerment.

She has developed “Earthwyse Journey” classes, workshops and retreats.  As a grandmother, her concern is to create a world that is sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling for future generations.

She brings with her a background as:

Yoga/meditation instructor, counsellor, personal trainer, fitness instructor for seniors and people with chronic illness, certified Reiki practitioner and registered reflexologist, artist, and facilitator for Pachamama Alliance symposiums called, “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream”.