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Women wanted for future art show: not-perfect, real bodies needed!

by Julie Keon

I am in the very early stages of creating an art show of my body casts. My plan is to hang a show in Ottawa which will be both visually appealing and thought provoking. A little bit like the “Vagina Monologues” of casting.  Right now, I am gathering ideas and looking for women who are willing to be casted. You will need to come to my studio, be casted and also provide a written testimonial about your feelings about your body and where you are now, where you have come from, how your body has served you and/or betrayed you, etc. Your cast will eventually be returned and you will have this original piece of art to hang on your wall. There is no cost to you.
Here are some themes that I am interested in:
~ women who are going through breast cancer (both before and after a mastectomy)
~ women who are experiencing any type of serious illness
~ women who have eating disorders
~women who are considered overweight by society’s standards and LOVE their bodies anyway!
~women who started out as men and have had surgery to become women
~women who are survivors of sexual abuse
~women in later stages of life
~women with disabilities
~women who are athletes
~women who serve in the Canadian forces
~women who have an interesting story to tell that is connected with their bodies

These are just some themes that I am looking for. I already have a girl entering puberty, a perimenopausal woman, a pregnant woman, a postpartum woman, a woman in her 40’s,  and I may even have the cast of a 90-year old woman. I am not looking for perfect bodies according to the standards set forth by society. I want REAL women with REAL stories.

I ask that you send this request far and wide. Copy and paste it into an email and send out to your email lists. Anyone interested can email me privately at mothernurture@sympatico.ca with their story. All submissions will be considered but not necessarily used. This will be completely anonymous. Confidentiality is a must. Casting takes place in a respectful and safe environment. Thank you in advance for your help with this!