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My Next Approach to Pain

As you might know from reading my blog, I’ve been putting up with nagging lower back and joint pain for almost three years, trying this and that, getting some results, but not yet having complete success.  I’ve never given in to thinking that this was simply part of aging and always figured that I would come back to a pain-free state.

Well I’m onto my next experiment: Liquid Gym in Bells Corners, a centre with treadmills and exercise bikes under water (among many other offerings, complete with physiotherapists covered by OHIP).  Yesterday I had my intro session with owner Karen Snyder, who showed me what to do on a treadmill in warm water up to my neck, watching my legs on a screen in front of me.  I have been a supporter of Karen’s for years, but never thought of doing this therapy for myself.  She has many inspirational stories of people much more disabled than me who have recovered from injuries and illnesses like strokes through her state of the art equipment.  A woman in the dressing room confided that her sciatica, which had not responded to anything in eight years, had become significantly better in three sessions and was now gone.  She just came for prevention.  There are also athletes who come for training.

After the one session, my back didn’t hurt last night, when the ache is usually worst, but was higher in the morning.  Karen sent me a brief email to see how I was and on hearing this recommended ice, 20 minutes on and off, three times.  I never considered using ice for such a little pain, but it worked!

Too soon to say much, but I’ll report results in the next newsletter.

If you’re interested in trying Liquid Gym out for yourself, here’s the link: www.liquidgym.ca or 613-820-8228.

Maybe we’ll cross paths!

warm regards,